Amazement that Leads to Salvation

With the world flourishing, the human race increasing, the body enduring long in this life, riches abounding, who would believe that there was another life when he heard of it, who would prefer invisible to visible things? But with the sick returning to health, the dead rising to life, lepers being cleansed, demoniacs being snatched from the power of unclean spirits—when so many visible miracles had been performed, who would not believe what he heard about visible things? In truth visible miracles shine forth to attract the hearts of those who see them to faith in invisible things, so that from the wonder done externally what is interior and far more wonderful may be realised…. 

As you daily provide food for your bodies to keep them from failing, so let your good works be the daily nourishment of your hearts. The body is fed with food, the spirit sustained by good works. You should not deny to your soul, which will live forever, what you grant to your body which is going to die…. In truth we lose all our earthly possessions if we save them, but we save them by yielding them well. Time is quickly running out. Let us prepare with haste for seeing our judge soon; our good deeds are impelling us towards him with great urgency. Saint Gregory the Great

Saint Gregory the Great (604) was one of the most important popes and influential writers of the Middle Ages. 

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