September 24th – September 30th

St Bede’s is a Catholic church within the Chorley Deanery belonging to the Archdiocese of Liverpool. We are a medium sized parish set on the A6 between Chorley and Preston. Our Parish Priest is Fr. Michael O’Neill, MHM. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Mass Times
Sat 18.30 vigil
Sunday 8.30am and 10.30am
Mon, No Mass, Tues, 9.30, Weds, 11.15, Thurs, 10.00, Fri 9.15.
funeral masses in red type – see below.
Confessions Saturday 9.45 – 10.15 am and 5.30 – 6.00pm

018Exposition Saturday 6.00 – 6.30pm




This week’s intentions and readings.  September 24th – September 30th
Prayers of the Church Week 2

This weeks readings.

Sunday Am




Lk 16.19-31
Monday Job 1.6-22 Lk 9.46-50
Tuesday Job 3.1-3,11-17 Lk 9.51-56
Wednesday Job 9.1-12 Lk 9.57-62
Thursday Dan 7.9-10,13-14 Jn 1.47-51
Friday Dan 7.9-10,13-14 Lk 10.13-16

This weeks intentions.

Saturday 6.30pm Liz Blackburn
Sunday 8.30am



Agnes Burton

Monday No Mass
Tuesday 11.15am Funeral Hannah Tomli
Wednesday 11.30am Funeral Ted Norris
Thursday 9.30am Funeral Mary Johnston
Friday 9.15am Pauline Taylor

Please pray for our sick and housebound

Julie K, Anne Henrys, Lenny Johnson, Joyce Heggarty, Winnie Richardson,
Moura Hitchen, Mary Hunter, Imelda Thompson, Robt. Rainford, Margaret Drinkwater, Pat Berry, Bill Fairbrother, Frank Snape, Brenda Wrightson, Maria Reynolds, Wyn Barber, Keith Hornby, Peter Brunt, Maggie Hullett and Terry King.The residents of Highcliffe, Greenways, Brookside, Meadow Bank Nursing homes and Brookhaven. Fsr.Frank Thompson, & Gerry Wharton who are very sick.

Holy Communion whilst in hospital. Please contact St. Joseph’s Presbytery if any of your family is admitted to Chorley Hospital 01257 262713. If any family member is admitted to Preston hospital please inform the chaplain on 01772 719604. This request comes from the respective chaplains