The Lord is our shepherd.
During these difficult times this page will be used to give you any information that is given to us from the Archdiocese and Deanery. This will hopefully guide and help us and through our prayers the issues will soon be resolved.
This page and the Topics page will be updated  whenever new information is forthcoming. Additional new information and topical news is also on the Topics page 
We update the information here every week.

Ordinary Time
Apart from those seasons having their own distinctive character, thirty-three or thirty-four weeks remain in the yearly cycle that do not celebrate a specific aspect of the mystery of Christ. Rather, especially on the Sundays, they are devoted to the mystery of Christ in all its aspects. This period is known as Ordinary Time.
Scripture Readings.
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Suspension of church services from 9th January, 2021
Dear Friends,
To keep each other as safe as we can our church services are now suspended. Public Mass will not be celebrated this weekend. Several of our stewards and volunteers have rightly decided to shield in the coming weeks and I do not think we can open our churches safely. Only Funeral Masses and Funeral Services will take place in our churches for the time being.
The Government is telling everyone to stay at home to prevent the spread of the new variant of the coronavirus. We have to play our part too.

The Church continues to exercise its ministry of care through each one of us as we pray at home, take care of our loved ones and neighbours as best we can, and live in a spirit of trust that God is with us in these difficult days.
I know how difficult it can be to live alone. I find the isolation that is being asked of us a challenge too. If it would help please ring me on 01257 460154. I will be very happy to hear you. Our office at St Bede’s is now closed. Our parish administrator, Clare, is working from home. All enquiries should be addressed to me on 01257 460154 or by email stbedesclaytongreen@rcaol.org.uk or stchad.chorley@rcaol.org.uk
God bless,
Fr Mark

Streamed masses will continue to be broadcast via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/232935341437045/ from this church and streamed masses from St Gregorys https://www.stgregoryschorley.org.uk/church-livestream and St Joseph’s https://www.churchservices.tv/chorleystjosephs along with other churches via https://www.churchservices.tv/ The availability of Mass will continue to be said at St Mary’s Chorley.

Funerals and weddings. Covid-19 government regulations and other information can be found on clicking the following links.
Funerals and burials at St Bedes
Getting Married in Church

Baptism. During the current lockdown we are not permitted to hold baptism ceremonies unless in cases of grave necessity. Please ring Fr Mark if you wish to discuss holding a baptism when the regulations change.

If you have any concerns or questions please telephone Fr Mark. 01257 460154.

Masses will continue to be streamed on our parish Facebook Page (look for ‘Parishes of St Chad and St Bede’ and request to join the group) and at St Gregory’s Church (go to www.stgregorychorley.org.uk).

Follow St Chad’s & St Bede’s on Facebook! We have a group to enable us all to stay more closely in touch with each other, particularly during these days when we do not meet weekly as we’ve been used to. Everyone is invited to take a look and join if they wish. Look for “Parishes of St Chad & St Bede” https://www.facebook.com/groups/232935341437045/

NB. It is important to emphasise that the Sunday obligation has not been re-instated;

25th May 2020 An important letter from Pope Francis and two prayers to Our Lady Click here

Our Lady’s Shrine, Walsingham All Masses, Services, Benediction, Exposition etc are available by 24 /7 live streaming. Three Masses every day and Exposition throughout the night. www.walsingham.org.uk/livestream/

Mass Intentions: Fr Mark invites anyone who would like a Mass to be said for a particular intention to get in touch with him on Tel. No 01257 460154 or by email.

Isolated Parishioners If you know any parishioner who might be feeling a bit isolated Fr Mark would be very happy to ring them if you think that would help. Please ring Father or send an e-mail. Thanks.

Important: Holy Communion whilst in hospital.

Please contact St. Joseph’s Presbytery if any of your family is admitted to Chorley Hospital 01257 262713.
If any family member is admitted to Preston Hospital, please inform the chaplain on 01772 522435.
If any family member is admitted to Wigan Infirmary, please inform the chaplain on 01942 822324.
This request comes from the respective hospital chaplains.

The Joyful Mysteries of Holy Rosary. Click here; Forum page

The Elderly, Sick and Housebound. Please could we remember the elderly, sick and housebound. Give them a telephone call, a few minutes of your time will mean an awful lot. Please continue to support each other and let us keep each other in our prayers.You might like to write a list of the people you are particularly holding in your prayers at this difficult time and keep it with you. Read through it slowly at different times of the day.

There is a nice time of prayer to follow on the website of the Salesians which has been produced for this time. http://www.salesians.org.uk/news-articles/featured-news/when-i-can-t-get-to-church.html

St Bede’s is a Catholic church within the Chorley Deanery belonging to the Archdiocese of Liverpool. We are a medium sized parish set on the A6 between Chorley and Preston. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Parish Priest Father Mark Beattie
598 Preston Road, Clayton Green, Chorley.
PR6 7EB.
Tel: 01772 335209 If there is no answer on this number and you need to talk to Fr Mark please call 01257 460154