The Lord is our shepherd.
During these difficult times this page will be used to give you any information that is given to us from the Archdiocese and Deanery. This will hopefully guide and help us and through our prayers the issues will soon be resolved.
This page and the Topics page will be updated  whenever new information is forthcoming. Additional new information and topical news is also on the Topics page 

Updates. We update information on this Home/Newsletter Page every week. Every effort is made on Friday evening to post Scripture readings for Sunday mass and to post the forthcoming weeks newsletter by Saturday evening.

Jesus warns of terrifying signs to come. Nonetheless, we are not among the people who will be “dying of fear as they await what menaces the world”. Why? Because we are united with the One who has come into the world and dwells among us. All our vigilance is a response to a personal Presence that strengthens our hearts to “be blameless in the sight of our God”. We spend our Advent with the desire to conduct ourselves in a way that pleases God because the friendship of the Lord moves us to want to rise above “the cares of life” so as to remain in peaceful certainty “before the Son of Man”

Christmas Services 2021

St Gregory’s St Oswald’s
1st Mass of Christmas (Friday 24th December) 6:30pm (St Oswald’s) 8:00pm (St Gregory’s) (with carols from 7:30pm)

The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas Day) 9:30am (St Gregory’s) (please note there will be no evening Mass) 11:00am (St Oswald’s

St Josephs
24th December: 8.30am Mass 6.00pm First Mass of Christmas 10.00pm Mass during the Night Saturday

25th December: 9.30am Christmas Day Mass

Sunday 26th December 9.30am Mass – Feast of the Holy Family Monday 27th to Friday 31st December: Weekday Masses: 10.00am

Saturday 1st January 12 Noon Mass: Mary, Mother of God Sunday 2nd January 9.30am Mass 2nd Sunday of Christmas

St Chad’s & St Bede’s
no Vigil Mass for Sunday on Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve: Friday. 5pm St Bede’s: 6.30pm St Chad’s: 8pm St Bede’s
Christmas Day: Saturday. 9.15am St Chad’s: 11am St Bede’s Boxing Day: Sunday. 9.15am St Chad’s: 11am St Bede’s

Guidance received from the Archdiocese this week concerning Covid-19 restrictions from Monday 19th July.
Due to the fact that the pandemic is far from over it is not the intention to restore an obligation to the attendance at Sunday Mass at this point. People should be reminded of the importance of keeping Sunday holy and if possible attending Mass weekly.
Face coverings will remain mandatory for all those coming to a church service. (Exemptions for medical reasons excluded.)
Social distancing will not be mandatory in our churches. If you have a building that can keep a section for those who would feel safer and less vulnerable by maintaining socially distanced benches you could do so.  Hand sanitising will remain necessary as people arrive. (There will be no need to sanitise benches or people at the end.)

Latest Covid Guidelines for Churches. December 3rd. This week we received the following Covid-19 guidelines for Christmas in our Churches from the Archdiocese “We are still living with the Pandemic – in spite of the actions of many it has not gone away (and may even get worse.) We, therefore need to be both cautious and welcoming in our guidelines for Christmas 2021. We want people (and especially families) to feel welcome to celebrate Christmas in church. Face coverings are still expected to be used in church – this may be difficult to enforce but given the vulnerability of some who will come to church we need to do our best to keep them safe. Try to keep the building well ventilated. Ensure that people are not inside the church for too long. Other suggestions: Extra Masses on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day may encourage safer numbers. Attending Mass on Sunday 26th December could be encouraged rather than Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.” We will have three in on Christmas Eve. Booking a place will not be necessary. There will be no Vigil Mass for Sunday on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve: Friday. 5pm St Bede’s: 6.30pm St Chad’s: 8pm St Bede’s Christmas Day: Saturday. 9.15am St Chad’s: 11am St Bede’s Boxing Day: Sunday. 9.15am St Chad’s: 11am St Bede’s

Holy Communion (in the hand) should be restored to its traditional place and with a procession (trying to accommodate those who wish to retain social distancing.)
It is recommended that a steward be used to invite people to the Communion procession row by row. Holy Communion under both kinds will not be re-introduced at this time.

Singing can be restored.
Hymn books and service books can be used but only once a day.
The collection basket/plate should still not be passed around.
The Procession of Gifts may be restored (encouraging the use of sanitiser.)
The sign of peace can take place but without any touching, i.e. by a gesture.
Further details may emerge in the coming weeks.

We all want everyone to feel safe in our churches and to prevent the spread of the virus. Please continue to be careful in church, maintaining a safe distance from other people when moving around the building and not ‘leaning in’ to talk quietly to someone

Scripture Readings.
Click here for Second Sunday of Advent

Click here for Newsletter Newsletter 5th December 2021 or here for Past Newsletters

Mass Times. Click her for Chorley Deanery Mass Times as of 22nd Aug 2021 (1)

Streamed masses
These will continue to be broadcast via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/232935341437045/ from this church and streamed masses from St Gregorys https://www.stgregoryschorley.org.uk/church-livestream and St Joseph’s https://www.churchservices.tv/chorleystjosephs along with other churches via https://www.churchservices.tv/ The availability of Mass will continue to be said at St Mary’s Chorley.

If you would like to make a donation in support of St Bede’s parish please click on any of these links for a Text donation, a single donation https://donate.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/st-bede-clayton-green or this link for a regular standing order

Funerals and weddings.If you have any concerns or questions please telephone Fr Mark. 01257 460154.

Masses will continue to be streamed on our parish Facebook Page (look for ‘Parishes of St Chad and St Bede’ and request to join the group) and at St Gregory’s Church (go to www.stgregorychorley.org.uk).

Follow St Chad’s & St Bede’s on Facebook! We have a group to enable us all to stay more closely in touch with each other, particularly during these days when we do not meet weekly as we’ve been used to. Everyone is invited to take a look and join if they wish. Look for “Parishes of St Chad & St Bede” https://www.facebook.com/groups/232935341437045/

NB. It is important to emphasise that the Sunday obligation has not been re-instated;

25th May 2020 An important letter from Pope Francis and two prayers to Our Lady Click here

Our Lady’s Shrine, Walsingham All Masses, Services, Benediction, Exposition etc are available by 24 /7 live streaming. Three Masses every day and Exposition throughout the night. www.walsingham.org.uk/livestream/

Mass Intentions: Fr Mark invites anyone who would like a Mass to be said for a particular intention to get in touch with him on Tel. No 01257 460154 or by email.

Isolated Parishioners If you know any parishioner who might be feeling a bit isolated Fr Mark would be very happy to ring them if you think that would help. Please ring Father or send an e-mail. Thanks.

Important: Holy Communion whilst in hospital.

Please contact St. Joseph’s Presbytery if any of your family is admitted to Chorley Hospital 01257 262713.
If any family member is admitted to Preston Hospital, please inform the chaplain on 01772 522435.
If any family member is admitted to Wigan Infirmary, please inform the chaplain on 01942 822324.
This request comes from the respective hospital chaplains.

The Elderly, Sick and Housebound. Please could we remember the elderly, sick and housebound. Give them a telephone call, a few minutes of your time will mean an awful lot. Please continue to support each other and let us keep each other in our prayers.You might like to write a list of the people you are particularly holding in your prayers at this difficult time and keep it with you. Read through it slowly at different times of the day.

There is a nice time of prayer to follow on the website of the Salesians which has been produced for this time. http://www.salesians.org.uk/news-articles/featured-news/when-i-can-t-get-to-church.html

St Bede’s is a Catholic church within the Chorley Deanery belonging to the Archdiocese of Liverpool. We are a medium sized parish set on the A6 between Chorley and Preston. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Parish Priest Father Mark Beattie
598 Preston Road, Clayton Green, Chorley.
PR6 7EB.
Tel: 01772 335209 If there is no answer on this number and you need to talk to Fr Mark please call 01257 460154