The Grace to Know Who Jesus Really Is

The great, fundamental question put to us, in which all else is contained, is precisely “do you believe in the Son of Man’? Ultimately it will mean a leap in the dark, for faith always demands that, otherwise it would not be faith but reason working to its conclusions logically. To have made a decision for Jesus is not the end but the beginning. This decision has to be lived out every day. The whole of our life must be lived in its light. It will be tested, and perhaps severely. There will be times when the first decision, which then seemed definitive, is completely eclipsed by what is demanded later, and on it goes. We shall need to affirm over and over again, at ever deepening levels, our commitment to God, not because of the possibility of God failing us, for that is inconceivable, but because we shall grow in stature and will be faced with more searching, all-embracing occasions of surrender. The culmination will be when, under his influence, we have grown to our complete stature and can relate to him in that fullness of relationship for which he made us. This will mean that we have died to ourself and live in and for God…. 

Yet we must always remember that the Holy Spirit alone can show us who Jesus really is, and in giving us knowledge of Jesus, show us the Father. Our human minds and the concepts they give birth to are only his lowly handmaids. We must manage to hold these two factors together: we must do what we can to get to know our Lord and if we do so with humble love, the Holy Spirit will light up the data from within and reveal to our hearts the inner meaning and the true face of God. 

Sister Ruth Burrows O.C.D.

Sister Ruth is a Carmelite nun in Norfolk, England. She is the author of a number of bestselling books

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