Parish Council

St. Bede’s Parish Community Council

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The PCC was set up after a series of meetings in 2006 generated by the Liverpool Archdiocesan initiative, ‘Leaving Safe Harbours’. This initiative reflected the hard truth that there are not enough priests to cover all the parishes in the Archdiocese (and beyond), that the problem will only get worse as current parish priests age and that the laity need to be more involved in assisting priests, taking the burden of some parish administration off them. It anticipates a future where parishes in a Deanery (Pastoral Area) will be clustered, sharing priests or a team of priests. The day to day running of the parish will then be in the hands of a PCC. Since 2006, a number of different models have been / are being tried across the Archdiocese. It is perhaps fair to say that, in Chorley Deanery, there have been no major upheavals as yet though some parishes are now sharing priests and the future remains unclear.

The PCC came into being following a general meeting of the parish on 5th November 2006. It has its own constitution which sets out in some detail what the PCC is there to do and since then, within the constitution, working practices have evolved and continue to evolve aimed at assisting the Parish Priest with the running of St. Bede’s.

The PCC meets quarterly (with other meetings as needed), generally in January, April, July and October. There is an Annual General Meeting in November when a report is made to the Parish on the activities of the last 12 months.


The parish priest is the President of the PCC.

In addition, there are 10 elected members who have a two year term of office, 5 standing down at each AGM at the end of their two years. They can offer themselves for re-election and a number of members have been involved since the start. Notice of the AGM and an invitation to stand is usually published about six weeks in advance.

At the first meeting after the AGM, officers and sub-committee Chairs are nominated (or confirmed, if continuing in post) by the PCC itself. Thereafter, they manage a discrete area of Parish activity, at all times in consultation with the Parish Priest.

Officers are the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer. In addition there are standing committees for:

  • Property and Grounds management
  • Pastoral/Liturgical life of the Parish
  • Communications
  • Social activity

The committee Chairs can recruit anyone to assist them in their business and have considerable autonomy, reporting to the regular meetings of the PCC which has overall responsibility.

Parishioners are welcome to attend PCC meetings (usually held in the Presbytery) as an observer.

If further information is required or if you wish to get involved with the PCC’s work, contact the Parish Priest or any member either via the St. Bede’s website or at Church.

Adrian Dugdale
Secretary to PCC
January 2013