Living As Beggars for Heaven

Let it be the common goal of all to neither quit once you’ve begun, nor to faint in times of trouble, nor to say, “We have lived in asceticism long enough.” Rather, let us increase our zeal as though every day is the beginning of the journey. The life of man is very short and measured by the ages to come, so all our earthly life is nothing when compared to eternal life.
In this world, everything is sold at its price, and a man exchanges one thing for another thing of equal value. However, the promise of eternal life is bought for something of much less value. For it is written, ‘The days of our life in them are seventy years, but if they are in strength, eighty years, and what is more than these is labour and sorrow.” Therefore, whenever we live a full eighty years (or even a hundred) in asceticism, we shall reign not for only a hundred years, but we shall reign for ever and ever. Even though we fought on earth, we shall not receive our reward on earth because we have the promises in heaven. Having put off the body which is corruptible, we shall receive it incorruptible.
Therefore, children, let us not faint nor think that the time is too long, or that we are doing something great, “for the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed to us”. Nor should we think, as we look back at the world, that we have abandoned anything worthy of our return, for the whole earth is insignificant compared with the of Heaven.
Therefore, even if by chance we were lords over all the earth and gave it up, it would be unworthy of comparison with the Kingdom of heaven.
Saint Anthony of the Desert.
Saint Anthony (356) was a hermit and a great counsellor to clergy, monks, and lay people.

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