The Fulfilment Jesus Brings

Jesus always acts out of love. From the home of the Trinity he brought us a great love, infinite, divine, a love that reaches—as the Fathers of the Church say—even to the point of folly….

In his freedom, however, man can refuse the greatness conferred upon him according to God’s plan. He can seek to fulfil himself according to his own plans and pursue a different future than that promised by God. He can seek to guarantee his own future, as did the pagan nations—according to the testimony of Scripture—through the search for riches, reliance on human strengths, covenants with powerful foreigners, and the possession of sacred things. Thus, humanity falls in its misery. It no longer hopes in God, but follows false hopes….

The Lord, especially through the prophets, does not cease to call men and women to the true hope that is

Jesus, the only Saviour. In Jesus we have been given the light of truth, the remission of sins, the restoration of freedom from the forces of evil, a new ability to love, participation in the divine nature, victory over death through the resurrection of the body, and life eternal.

Jesus comes to meet human misery. Saving us, he made his Gospel and his grace the renewing principle of the world and, above all, of humanity in all areas of existence: private and public, cultural and social, politicat and economic. To restore all things in Christ

In ecstasy before Jesus who is Deus meus et omnia (my God and my all), I desire to be, together with him, a source of hope in the garden of the world.

Venerable Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan

Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan (t 2002) was imprisoned by the ^ Vietnamese government for thirteen years.

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