Bulletin. February 2nd – 8th

SCRIPTURE  The Lord said to Moses, “ Consecrate to me all the first-born; whatever is the first to open the womb among all the people of Israel, both man and beast, is mine “(Exodus 13.1)

And Moses said to the people “When the Lord brings you into the land of the Cananites, as he swore to you and your fathers and shall give it to you, you shall set apart for the Lord all that first opens the womb”.

Since all children share the same blood and flesh, Jesus too shared equally in it….It is essential that he should in this way  become completely like his brothers.”


One headline last week….The internet’s favourite Pope loves the internet back”

“You may recall that  Pope Francis was named the most popular person on the web in 2013 and in his new message he reportedly described the  net as a gift from God”……if you haven’t looked at the parish website….now may be the time.!!


The fifth session, “ teach us to pray” is scheduled for  Thursday 13th of February. It will start promptly at  6.30pm and will finish in time for the children  to attend the school dance.

SVP ANNUAL RAFFLE Tickets will be on sale  on Saturday and Sunday Feb. 8th and 9th. Normally held before Christmas, this raffle was postponed because of the  Phippine catastrophe.


Documented cases of Christians martyred for their faith almost doubled last year compared with 2012, according to the  non-denominational  group Open Doors.

2123 were documented last year compared with 1201 the previous year. Other  reports put the number as high as 8000.

MAGNIFICAT….a very helpful monthly publication. See notice board for trial offer.

PRAYER MEETING….this week…Thursday  at 7.30pm in the old school..

RAINBOWS AND GUIDES  have re-opened on Wednesday evenings. For further details contact Caroline on  07816 958996


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