Pondering the Hidden Life of Christ

Pondering the Hidden Life of Christ We see Jesus grow up and when we want to find out what he did in those long eighteen years in Nazareth, we finally see that he prayed, he obeyed, and he worked; and not only he alone, but all three of them. They prayed; we can find their daily prayers, we can find out how they observed the Day of the Lord. They must have recited the hymns, prayers, and psalms contained in Holy Scriptures, and during many hours of their working day their thought dwelt on the hidden meaning of what their lips had recited. Thats what they did when they were pondering. They obeyed: I am the handmaid of the Lord “said Mary “let what you have said be done to (Lk 1:38), and: Did you not know that I must be busy with my Father’s affairs?. 2:49). These words uttered by Mary and Jesus give a deep insight into their life of constant obedience to the Father. From Joseph we know how promptly he reacted each time an angel came. Theirs was a family life of obedience to the will of God. Books and books and books have been written on family life. Our magazines and newspapers are full of alarming articles on the danger of family life crumbling in our days. Psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, and psychologists are busy in research to answer the question “why”. Little do they seem to know that this question was answered two thousand years ago by a few words in the Gospel of Luke. There we see the Heavenly Father making this tremendous new foundation, the Christian family, when he sends his Son to the small home in Nazareth. It is absolutely impossible to meditate too much on the hidden life. Just watching Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in their daily routine will do something for us. There is our model, and there is our only remedy. As the saying from the old country has it: If there are more mothers like Mary and more fathers like Joseph, there will be more children like Jesus. 

Maria von Trapp (1987), with her children and stepchildren, the Trapp Family Singers, inspired the musical and film The Sound of Music

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