Gaudete Sunday

We want to meditate, to reflect, to immerse ourselves in the mystery of joy. All through the centuries, the philosophers have wrestled with this. If there is a good God, why is there all this pain, why is there this sorrow? But the joy is always in Domino. We don’t know, but he knows. What we do learn is that he is drawing us all, he is calling us to know that there is really nothing stable outside himself, and that in him and in him alone is the explanation of all things. Already as we ponder things in this way we begin to experience a serenity coming into our very pain, whatever it may be, that this is an all-loving God who is reminding us where we are all going. We are all moving steadily step by step each day, moving with each tick of the clock toward this terminus. This is what he wishes to say to us: in him alone all find their home. Something begins to come into our stricken hearts, that we are all going home. The more we are in Domino on this earth, the more we are already at home. 

The Church does not say, “No Gaudete Sunday this year”, but she says, “Rejoice in the Lord”. The world is in travail and in turmoil, but God says, “Rejoice in me, rejoice”. There is pain and suffering and there is the temptation to anxiety and there are the disappointments, but there is God saying, “In Domino is all joy”. Let us sing then with all our hearts, not just on Gaudete Sunday, but always; and let us dance under the wreath of eternity, that all joy is in God, and that when he disappoints us in the evanescence of ephemeral things, when he allows us to be disappointed in persons, when he allows us to experience such disappointment in ourselves, he is only saying what he told Paul to say to us: Gaudete in Domino. 

Mother Mary Francis PPC

Mother Mary Francis (2006) was abbess of the Poor Clare Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Roswell, New Mexico

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