The Church On Mission

The Our Father is more than a prayer; it is, as Tertullian said, “the compendium of the whole Gospel”, because in it we find the fundamental principles, the deepest hopes, and the most decisive needs of the disciples of Jesus, [who] invites them to turn to God as an eternally merciful and infinitely loving Father…. 

Prayer is always an experience of relationship with God, an encounter with Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. The Our Father, as a summary of the Gospel, offers us the fundamental criteria for this encounter and the mission that flows from it. The grace to turn to God as Father enables us to live as sisters and brothers. The duty to sanctify the name of God involves us, with his grace, in the construction of his kingdom. The blessing of forgiveness offered us by the God of Jesus Christ makes us aware of the enormous need to initiate and encourage authentic processes of reconciliation….

The fatherhood of God, fully revealed in Jesus Christ, makes the community of missionary disciples a true family. In his movement of being sent from the Father and returning to the Father, Jesus makes his own mission ours. It is the mission of his Church for the salvation of the world. If All fatherhood has its origins in God (Ep 3:14-21), in the Church of his Son the Spirit of the Risen Lord regenerates all as sons and daughters of the same Father through baptism. The kingdom of God, accomplished by Jesus in his Passover, finds its beginning and seed here on earth in his pilgrim Church.

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