Never Have I Found Such Faith

Faith certainly proposes for our belief mysteries most difficult, far above our reason and understanding, and sublimely exalted even above the natural capacity of the angels themselves. But since the doctrine of faith admonishes us that these mysteries are to be believed on the authority of God, who cannot deceive, and not on that of angels, or of people, then the bounds begin to be enlarged….

What God says, who will gainsay? God cannot lie, for if he could, he would not be God. But these mysteries, which are proposed to our belief, are above our reason. They are: but they are not above the power and wisdom of God. Therefore, says Saint James, God is greater than our heart; because he can do what we cannot understand, and his essence and existence are more elevated than our mind can comprehend. If an unlearned person easily believes the many incredible things philosophers and astronomers mention concerning the magnitude of the sun and of the planets, why should not someone readily believe also whatever God has deigned to reveal, since there is an infinite distance between the wisdom and power of the one, and the small spark of reason with which the other is endowed? They therefore, who consider these remarks, will find no difficulty in believing what the Church proposes.

Saint Robert Bellarmine (1621) was a brilliant Jesuit preacher and theologian noted for his rational argumentation

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