Glad Tidings

Consider, dearly beloved, how God’s love has found a way through our obstinacy. We have no excuse now. We despise God, and he waits. He sees himself rejected, and he calls us back. He accepts the insult of our rejection, and nevertheless he promises us a gift as often as we return….

To drive slothfulness from our hearts he brings forward external losses by way of comparison. This is to arouse us to concern for ourselves

Therefore, my friends, direct the eyes of your hearts toward your mortality. Make ready for the Judge who is coming to you by your daily weeping and sorrow….

Do not pay attention then to what you have, but to what you are. Do you want to know what you are?…

Since the hours and their moments are running away, see to it, dearly beloved, that they are filled with what will earn the wages of a good work. Listen to what Solomon in his wisdom says: Do vigorously everything your hand can do, because there will be no work or plan or wisdom or knowledge in the lower world, to which you are hurrying. Since we do not know the time of our coming death, and we cannot work after death, it remains for us to seize the time granted us before death.

Saint Gregory the Great was one of the most important popes and influential writers of the Middle Ages

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