Palm Sunday

April 4th 2020


Each week ‘reflections’ are shown in this area from the Archdiocese of Liverpool. These are followed by ‘reflections’ from Fr Ron Rolheiser.


Today we celebrate Palm or Passion Sunday and our entrance into Holy Week. As the end of our Lenten Journey is now in sight and as we prepare to celebrate the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus, today’s gospel and the words of Jesus offer us some much needed encouragement and hope.

The cross and the crucifix are central to Christian art, worship, prayer and devotion. But we have to remind ourselves not to simply stay at the cross. The pain of the cross leads us to the joy of the Resurrection. It is through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that we are offered a new way of living our daily lives and the gift of new and everlasting life.

These troubling days as we all know are not normal for any of us. With serious restrictions on our travel and interaction with others, we may be feeling alone or isolated – but we are not. Through our faith, hope and prayer we are deeply connected to each other and to Jesus. At the start of Lent, Jesus asked us to stay with him; now in these most difficult of times we need to ask Jesus to be with us and stay with us. Jesus is about to experience his time of suffering and pain – for many of us now, we too are experiencing fear and uncertainty in ways we have never done before.

This is our Passion Sunday in a very real and personal way; as families, communities and indeed whole countries. In these very challenging days let us not lose hope or faith in ourselves, each other or Jesus.