February 16th – February 22nd  2019

Sermon on the mountain on beatitudes (Luke 6:17,20-27).
A 3-bed room flat, a posh car and a lucrative job makes some people happy, for others going across the globe and visiting places like Burj Khalifa in Dubai or climbing the skyscrapers like CN Tower in Toronto or World Trade Centre Manhattan in America make their life meaningful. There are many others who think cigarettes, alcohol and sex make their life joyful. Actually, do they give permanent happiness? Where is true happiness and how can we achieve? Jesus in today’s gospel gives us an answer. Jesus teaches the opposite of what human terms of happiness by His ‘Sermon on the Mount’. Jesus says: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit because they inherit the Kingdom of God’. Poverty in spirit helps us to possess God as our treasure. There is only one treasure that brings happiness that is Jesus himself. He says: ‘I am the way, the life and the truth’. John 14:6. ‘Those who believe in me and follow me, will have eternal life’. John 3:16. The happiness Jesus gives us is not like the happiness the world gives.
How can we think we are blessed when we are hungry, weeping, hated or persecuted? Jesus himself gives us an answer. He didn’t say in the gospel that poverty, hunger, being hated by others are blessings, but these conditions make us rely on God. They are instrumental to depend on God. Whatever cross in our life help us to be closer to God and build our friendship with God and that will make us truly happy. In the beatitudes Jesus teaches us the attitude of a Christian. Some might say beatitudes are too idealistic and impossible to live fully while Jesus is the only one who has perfectly lived the beatitudes and showed us the glory behind living the life of beatitudes. Beatitudes are known as the Magna Carta of Jesus’ teachings. God bless Fr. George

Celebration of Marriage & Family Life. Archbishop Malcolm McMahon will preside at the Archdiocesan celebration of Marriage and Family Life at the Cathedral on Sunday 17th February 2019. The Mass will begin at 11am and is open to all.

SVP National Raffle. tickets will be available, at the rear of church, on Sunday 24th February and Sunday 3rd March 2019. Tickets are £1 each or £5 for a book of 5. 1st Prize £3,000. More information on the SVP notice board

Pray for our Seminarians: A poster in our church porch give details of the Seminarians in the Archdiocese of Liverpool 2018-2019. Please would you prayer for them, Father George.

House Blessings.
If you wish to do a house blessing please text me your name and address on my mobile so that I can come and do house blessing as soon as possible, Father George.

Confessions: Before Mass on Saturday night, 6.00 – 6.25 pm.

Silent prayer: Before Mass on Sunday mornings, 10.15 – 10.30am.

Holy Rosary: Please join for Holy Rosary before Mass during the week, 9.00 – 9.10am. Thank you.

 Altar Servers: Anybody who would like to become on Altar Server, please see Father George.

Gift Aid Envelopes: please collect from the back of church, Year 2019. If anyone would like to give gift aid, then please contact David Scott 01772 335209

Collections: Last week’s offertory was £217.50 envelope and £241.85 loose collection. Thank you for your support and generosity

Synod Representatives: Aiden Dugdale from St. Bede’s and John Reilly from St. Chad’s have agreed to be the Representatives for the Synod 2020.

Eucharistic Ministers and Readers: the list for January, February and March is available at the back of church on the noticeboard. Or a separate sheet can be obtained from the Sacristy.

The SVP are looking for new members, if anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Ted Murphy on 01772 322904

Marriage Preparation Courses: To book a course please visit or contact Mr Mike Snelham 0151 428 4410

Gift Aid Envelopes: please collect from the back of church, Year 2019. If anyone would like to give gift aid, then please contact David Scott 01772 335209

Altar Servers Rota: A new rota has been written for end of October, November, December and the first week in January 2019. Altar Servers can obtain the rota from the Sacristy.

Mass Stipends: are now a recommended minimum£5 per Mass.

Lourdes 2019: Be part of something special … be part of the Liverpool Youth Pilgrimage to Lourdes. On 18th–27th July 2019m. For ages 15(or in year 10)-22 years of age. Applications available to download on 1st October from

House Blessing. A house blessing is a very important sacramental offering which every priest does annually. It is part of the pastoral responsibility of a priest. By Blessing the house, a priest can consecrate the family and their home to God. When was the last time your house was blessed? It is an occasion for a family and priest to sit together, to talk and get to know each other. All you need to do is let me know a time and convenient date. I will be happy to come and bless your home.

Flood and Flood Relief in Kerala, India
My dear parishioners, once again I would like to write a word of appreciation and thank you for your great generosity and good will, which you have shown to the people of Kerala in their distress.

For your information, I feel I must write a few more things about the aftermath of the flood and the deverstating situations. The church in India worked with the Government and opened 14,000 Relief Camps. 75,000 Houses were partially or totally damaged. 45,000 hectares of agriculture land was devastated. 1,400,000 people were in the Relief Camps. 3,000 Priests, 7,000 Religious, 75,000 Youth and 100,000 People were involved directly in rescue operations. 32 Dioceses spent £400,000 for the rescue operations. I have sent the money you contributed (£2,322) to the Bishop in India and some people who were desperately in need of help.

If you have missed the contribution for any reason and would like to make a donation, you could either pay as a cheque or cash. Cheque is payable to “Mar Joseph Kallarangatt” the Bishop in India.
Thank you so much, Fr. George

Children’s Liturgy – “Little Church”. Meets every Sunday morning during the 10.30am Mass for children up to the age of First Holy Communion. If you would like to help as a volunteer on a Sunday, – please contact Joanne Lingard for more details

Volunteers for church cleaners. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Aidan Ormisher

Volunteers for parish florists. If anyone is interested in volunteering, please contact Doreen 01257 261821

Marriage Preparation course will be on 17.11.18. Book a place on a course at

will be said in church Tuesday to Friday before morning Mass/Eucharistic Service.

Preston Homeless Drop in Centre are in need of Mens jeans, jogging bottoms (smaller sizes 32-36), trainers, boxer shorts, hoodies, rucksacks, sleeping bags, towels and toiletries. Will collect from church or contact you.

Billington Bears Pre-School. St. Bede’s Parish Centre. Sessions available for children 2 to 4 years. Contact Claire on 01772 626699

The Parish Centre can be hired for birthday parties, baptism celebrations etc. Reasonable rates. Contact Claire Billington on 07956669945 to book.

Only 8.30 Sunday mass and weekday masses will be affected during Father’s absence. The following is for information on local Sunday Mass Times. Further info on other days can be obtained by clicking on the parish names.
Sacred Heart Chorley Sat 7.00 Sun 11.00 
St Chads Whittle
Sat 5.00 Sun 9.00
St Josephs Brindle Sat 6.00 Sun 9.30
St Josephs Chorley Sat 6.00 Sun 8.30 10.30 4.30
St Marys Chorley Sat 6.15 Sun 8.00 10.30
St Marys Leyland Sat 6.00 Sun 9.30 11.00
St Marys Bamber Bridge Sat 7.00 Sun 9.30 11.00 6.30

Brownedge Christians Together Food Bank: On behalf of the Volunteers and Families of the Food Bank we would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your amazing food and financial donations this year. We have been able to provide bags of food that are a balanced diet to the families in need. This August we were also able to give out extra bags of food for the children who are given free school meals, but only when at school and not during the holidays. Your ‘deeds of charity’ allow us to respond to our local families in need and distress and we look forward to your valuable support in the future. Many thanks and God Bless you all. Geoff – Food Bank Volunteer.

Most needed items.

Rice pudding            Custard   Sugar  Jars of Sauce

Tinned Meat Fish       Rice        Tinned pots

Long life milk          Coffee            Noodles            Tea Bags

Tinned Veg             Cereal            Tomatoes