Easter Duties
Many of the faithful will be aware of their Easter Duties; that is, to receive Holy Communion during the Easter Season. As it is not possible for the faithful to receive Holy Communion at this time and possibly for some time ahead, the Bishops of England and Wales have dispensed the Easter Duties for the year 2020, so that the consciences of people may be reassured and any scruples which they have be eased.

The Restored Lives programme that we use in the diocese for the divorced and separated have planned to deliver their summer training conference on the 3rd July using Zoom. It is an ideal opportunity for anyone in the Catholic Church to come and find out more about the course and what’s involved in setting one up both online and in person.
Our hope is that by training volunteers to run online courses across the diocese we can still have a network of locally run courses so that once lockdown is lifted guests can easily meet up with each other for ongoing informal mutual support. The need in our communities is huge (applications have tripled since the Restored Lives course online was launched!) and lockdown may have pushed some marriages to completely breakdown.
Cost to attend the training course is just £5 and they have planned to have a breakout session specifically to discuss the delivery of the course in a Catholic context.

You can find more details and tickets here:

With best wishes,
Maureen O’Brien
Coordinator for Marriage and Family Life

“The Archdiocese is currently seeking to recruit a Schools Officer on a part time basis, working 17.5 hours per week. The salary is £25,652.90 per annum. Informal Enquiries should be directed to Tim Warren, Director for Education on 0151 522 1072. Full details including a job description and application form are available from the job page of the main website at

June 26th 2020. “The Archdiocese is currently seeking to recruit a Chaplaincy Assistant based at Liverpool Hope University  on a part time basis, working 20 hours per week. The salary is £9.15 per hour, paid on a monthly basis. Informal Enquiries should be directed to Fr Stephen Pritchard, on 0151 487 9372 or via email to Full details including a job description and application form are available from the job page of the main website at

New resources prepared by the Archdiocese of Liverpool are now available to help us pray including:

Reflection for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (also available as an audio download).
Readings for the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Reflections to sustain and encourage in uncertain times – hope.

All can be accessed/downloaded at or through by clicking on ‘Prayer and Other Resources’.

Please keep in your prayers the sick and housebound of our parishes: George Morris, Peter Deacon, Amy Greenhalgh, Vincent Cahill, Margaret Gray, Thomas Hesse, Ray Briant, Winifred Baxendale, Rosalia Lakot. Julie K, Anne Henrys, Pat Johnson, Robert Rainford, Brenda Wrightson, Maria Reynolds, Richard Farnworth, Eileen Ainscough, Tony Morris, Marie Barnish, Eileen Farnworth, Helen Witte, Peter Fishwick, Gabrielle Myerscough, Connie Foy, Mark Smith. The residents of Highcliffe, Greenways, Brookside, Meadow Bank Nursing homes and Brookhaven

Please keep in your prayers Peter Fishwick whose funeral will be held at St Bede’s on Monday July 6th

Recently deceased: Mary O’Brien, Dorothy Franks.

Also please keep in your prayer Peter Clitheroe and Maria Hawron who have died recently. May they rest in peace. We pray too for their families, that God may comfort them.

Mass intentions: Fr Mark is saying Mass privately each day and invites anyone who would like a Mass to be said for a particular intention to get in touch with him on Tel. No 01257 460154 or by email.

Young parishioners. Here is a picture here you are invited to print off and colour in. If you can get your illustrations to either of our presbyteries we will laminate them and put them up for when our churches are open again. Click here for an outline illustration to work on. Colouring

Recent online and  text donations.
Amount received is £130.07 is £130.07
My sincere thanks for your support at this time.
Father Mark

Dear friends,
I would like to thank those who have been putting their usual weekly financial offerings through the door of the presbytery at St Bede’s or at St Chad’s. I really appreciate this kind and unexpected gesture.
I don’t want to encourage visits to the presbyteries though. It is not strictly speaking an “essential” trip. People need to stay safe.
Many people will have money worries of their own at this time and they shouldn’t be facing an additional burden of feeling that they have to contribute to the upkeep of the parish along with everything else. Any parishioner wishing to make a donation electronically to their parish during lock down is now welcome to get in touch with me. Please e-mail me to either parish e-mail address and I can send you the form. People are also welcome to click on this link to set up a regular Standing Order standingorder using the same form which you need to post to your bank. Alternatively a donation can be made via a Text Message details shown using this link. Text and online donations Parish e-mail addresses; Or telephone 01257 460154, Please say if your donation is for St Bede’s or St Chad’s. You are asked to make sure you attach your name with your donation if you want your gift to be included in the Gift Aid scheme. Please don’t worry at all if this is not possible for you at the moment. We have really held back from making a big thing about money at a time when people have more important things on their minds. I have been approached by several people about this so I thought it was OK to share it here and on our parish websites.
You can also use these to make a one off donation.

God bless,
Fr. Mark

The Holy Rosary. To seek divine help through the crisis that we all find fearful  the saying of the Rosary each day sends our plea to Mary for her help and guidance.
a daily scripture reading is on the Topics/Bulletin and Forum page to accompany the saying of the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Recently the government launched its #YouAreNotAlone domestic abuse campaign to reassure victims of domestic abuse that there is still help for them during the crisis, and that the household isolation instruction as a result of COVID-19 does not apply if you need to leave your home to escape domestic abuse. (, Covid19 and domestic abuse) more

An update of resources for prayer provided by the Archdiocesan formation team
Resources now available include:
Reflection for Second Sunday of Easter
Prayer cards to help families to pray together
A service for those unable to attend a funeral. All can be downloaded at or through by clicking on ‘Prayer and Other Resources’.

During his papacy Pope Benedict suggested that the faithful consider the use of Lectio Divina as a way of finding a deeper faith, The pope paid particular attention to the importance and efficacy of “lectio divina,” a form of prayerful meditation on the word of God, and he offered a step-by-step guide on the practice. The principal being; A Reading, Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy: The Priests of the Deanery suggest at this time that we adopt somebody who is sick in hospital and/or an NHS worker and say prayers for them each day. We suggest The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, How to pray the chaplet of Divine Mercy. more

Eucharistic ministers will not be visiting the sick and housebound until further notice. our eucharistic ministers will contact the people that they usually go and see each week to pray and offer support to our sick and housebound parishioners.

For updates about further developments please look at parish websites: 

Fr. Graeme Dunne will be streaming Masses from St. Gregory’s, Weld Bank, Chorley. To get access to these Masses go to the website: Our local priests will be taking turns celebrating these Masses

Important: Holy Communion whilst in hospital.
Please contact St. Joseph’s Presbytery if any of your family is admitted to Chorley Hospital 01257 262713. If any family member is admitted to Preston hospital please inform the chaplain on 01772 522998. (Hospital Switchboard) This request comes from the respective chaplains

Archdiocese Privacy Notice

Parish Contact Details

Fr Mark can be contacted on 01257 460154

If your call is to request the services of a Priest in an emergency and there is no answer please telephone another local Catholic Church. It is possible that the Priest may not be able to hear your message for some time

Marriage Matters: When we take our child for baptism, we are given a candle, a reminder ‘to keep the flame of faith alive’. This can be difficult but let us not avoid the issues ‘to keep the peace’ but grow in listening and trust together.

Sick or Housebound Parishioners: Can watch a Mass streamed through their Wi-Fi system. Fr. Graeme Dunne streams Masses every week from St. Gregory’s, Weld Bank, Chorley. To get access to these Masses go onto the ‘St Gregory’s RC Church-Chorley’
website.Wi-Fi system.

Brownedge Christians Together Food Bank: On behalf of the Volunteers and Families of the Food Bank we would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your amazing food and financial donations this year. We have been able to provide bags of food that are a balanced diet to the families in need. This August we were also able to give out extra bags of food for the children who are given free school meals, but only when at school and not during the holidays. Your ‘deeds of charity’ allow us to respond to our local families in need and distress and we look forward to your valuable support in the future. Many thanks and God Bless you all. Geoff – Food Bank Volunteer.

Most needed items.

Rice pudding            Custard   Sugar  Jars of Sauce

Tinned Meat Fish       Rice        Tinned pots

Long life milk          Coffee            Noodles            Tea Bags

Tinned Veg             Cereal            Tomatoes